Business Model

Our unique business model is our biggest assets to help your business grow

GCU managing partner and collaborating partners engage potential customers and clients to identify their needs for products and/or services offered by GCU and its collaborating partners. Customer relationship tends to be transactional but client relationship will have sustainable working relationship with GCU. GCU is committed to provide the best quality of products and services to both.

Customers with specific product requirements will be referred to the appropriate business enterprises in GCU network to meet the their requirements. Clients with specific service requirements will be referred to the appropriate service providers in the GCU network. Where appropriate, experts and service providers with skills, experience, and past performance needed will collaborate to provide the clients with a joint solution on a project by project basis.

Once a project is identified – A solution team with an appointed project leader will working with the client to understand their requirements and propose a joint solution for clients. GCU will generally be the point of contact and contracts.

GCU will remain close contact with both the customers and clients using products or services within the GCU network until the successful completion of the sales transaction and service contracts. Some projects may be passed on directly to business enterprises or service provider outside of the GCU network as appropriate.