Elmo Siap

As senior consultant for PCS  LLc and the project lead for new business development, Elmo’s focus is on joint ventures and client relations with Asian, North American and European clientele. Current projects include eco-tourism, aviation and air transport, public storage, a retirement facility and a mixed commercial residential development venture. The projects are located mostly in Asia particularly the Philippines.

Elmo is a multi-lingual entrepreneur with a rich experience in managing multi-national businesses; conceiving, funding and executing strategic development plans in a senior executive capacity. Globally networked, leader, a specialist at identifying and capturing business opportunities, Elmo successfully co-founded over a dozen start-ups, partnerships, JV’s, turnarounds and consolidations in the past 40 years.

Starting in the materials and manufacturing sector in the mid 70’s, Elmo expanded internationally well into the 1980’s servicing clients in North America, Europe and Asia. Translating his export/import knowledge gained over the years into opportunities, his Hong Kong based company was one of the first foreign firms to import construction materials from China in the 80’s when China was still a frontier.

Elmo’s expertise include budget, P&L, operations management, turn-key and is at home with technology. Elmo has completed projects in education, health care, filtration, franchising, solar, airports, leadership development programs and governance. An experienced divemaster with over 2,500 logged dives in nearly 50 years, Elmo spends half the year in the Midwest when the golf season is in full swing and the remaining half around Cebu island where Scuba diving is year round.

Elmo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of the Philippines.