Jeongling Liu

LIU is an accomplished entrepreneur with experiences in Manufacturing, Imports and Exports, Global Collaboration models and Business Development in the U.S. Health Industry.

ADI Medical was established in 1987 and now encompasses a global manufacturing and distribution group providing high quality disposable medical and industrial products. With our always-expanding product line we have enabled our customers to consolidate purchases on a variety of single-use products in an ever-growing industry

  • Asia Dynamics Inc./ADI Medical is founded in 1988 to import medical gloves from Taiwan. Today we are importing all kinds of quality disposable medical Gloves from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These products are marketed to benefit the hospitals, medical centers, medical schools, GPOs, doctors, physicians and nurses, and long-term healthcare providers.
  • ADI Medical has always maintained healthy, beneficial and successful relationships with its suppliers. Whether it’s maintaining relationships with old suppliers or developing relationships with new, ADI Medical has always operated with the belief that quality of service starts with the quality of the relationships that started them.
  • ADI Medical’s existing supply line includes but is not limited to: Plastic Bags and paper bags, Plastic Injection Mold: Specimen Containers, Medicine Cups, Tubings, Etc.; Dressing: Woven and Non-Woven Sponges, Adhesive Dressings, Bandages, Surgical Towels; Assembly Lines/Clean Room, Wound Care Kits/Trays; Diabetes Screening: Lancets (Pressure Activated, Twist, Etc.)