John Weber

John B. Weber is Vice President of Water Street Advisors, a boutique M&A advisory firm focusing on companies in the lower middle market.  At Water Street Advisors, John’s role includes marketing privately held companies for sale, performing buy-side searches, and arranging debt placements. Water Street Advisors is a full-service M&A advisor and we focus on bringing sell-side deals to a successful closing from marketing and finding a buyers to submission of IOI and LOIs, through due diligence, negotiating purchase agreements and closing. John has over 35 years of financial transaction experience helping companies of all sizes obtain debt and acquisition financing.  As a commercial banker for several large regional, and multi-national banks, including HSBC Bank USA, N.A.,  John’s knowledge of international financing, credit analysis, cash flow lending, bond financing, and non-conventional forms of financing has helped hundreds of clients obtain the capital funding they needed to grow and prosper.  John actively assisted clients on both sides of acquisition transactions with a passion for creating deals that meet the goals of all parties involved – from discussion phases through negotiation, documentation and closing.  John has experience in a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, franchising, distribution, logistics, transportation, healthcare, service, and not-for-profit organizations.