Mr. Paturi

Mr. Paturi co-founded the Global Cyber Security initiative (GCSI) and Blockchain Advisory Institute (BAI). Kasi Paturi is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience developing and founding software businesses. He previously co-founded the American Institute of Computers, Dark-Storage (a cloud-based data storage company), Co-founder/Vice President of MPC Systems and was a Managing Principal of AIC Consulting.

GCSI Brings together leaders from Business, Government and Academia to tackle the World’s most pressing Cyber Security issues. GCSI was founded in October 2016 to address the SEC and FINRA’s annual areas of concern for their member firms. Since then, GCSI expanded to include topics, such as controlling your cyber security budget and how to discreetly hire a CISO. The GCSI expanded its focus to assist all highly regulated industries, including healthcare, insurance, finance, etc. Each month, we host events that bring together executives to discuss topics such as Blockchain cybersecurity insurance, IOT, AR/VR, human engineering and more.

Mr. Paturi holds a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois and is a graduate of IIT, Delhi