Yman Vien

Ms. Yman Huang Vien, a Chinese-American leader from Vietnam, is president of Lotus Financial Partners, Inc., a financial consultant and real estate development.

Since 2016, Lotus Financial Partners provides financial consulting services to local developers and business owners for raising private funding and obtaining bank financing for real estate projects with optimum results.  Ms.Vien has been successful for 27 years in the banking industry in various positions such as auditor, accountant, president & chief executive officer (CEO) at local Chicago community banks. Ms.Vien was recognized by the American Bankers Association for her efforts in executing outreach to unbanked and underbanked markets while serving the immigrant community in Chicago.

From 2016 to 2019, Yman served as president for Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of Chicago where she led a senior affordable housing project for Chicago Chinatown. Ms. Vien served as trustee and treasurer for Ravenswood Health Care Foundation for 11 years where she provided effective grant decisions and evaluating grantees performance. With her father, Mr. Duc Huang,  they founded the Chinese Mutual Aid Association (CMAA) in 1981. Ms.Vien served as the executive director from 1994-1998. Under Ms. Vien’s leadership, CMAA continues her father’s vision in helping thousands of refugees and immigrants through vital services and helping them to improve their conditions.

In recognition of Ms.Vien’s exceptional leadership, she has received a number of awards including the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Horatio Alger Award; the Found Asian Award from the Chicago Commission on Human Relations, the Damen Award from Loyola University, Business Leader in Colors Award from Chicago United,  International 2016 Women who Make A Difference from International Women Forum (IWF) and 2017 Honoree of Outstanding International Women Leaders from Chicago Women Magazine.