Yoshio Gotoh

Yoshio has rich experience, having worked more than 50 years with supply chain management field in North America. During his 15 years working for US major corporations, he became a principal player to open up New York and Chicago as the gateway to Pacific In 1969, he introduced direct freighter schedule between Asia and New York. His achievement was well noted by Pan American World Airways, his team was introduced to public through full page publication of New York Times and Wall Street Journal in 1970. While he was Director, International Sales & Services for Flying Tiger Lines Head Quarter, he introduced in 1971 direct all cargo freight services between Asia and Chicago. The opening of Chicago as gateway to Pacific, as well as Chicago as gateway from Pacific to Midwest, it was a crucial factors when many Asian automakers and their parts suppliers decided to have their plants located in the Midwest. In order to develop the infrastructure for freight flow, he became entrepreneur organizing Gotoh Distribution Service in 1980. His company provided transportation, warehousing, distribution, kitting, sequence, sub-assembly, US Customs examination station, Foreign Trade Zone operation, and others. His operation extended to 15 terminals, covering Midwest, Canada, Atlanta, Florida, and California. Their noted clients include: UPS Air Cargo, GE Medical, Nippon Air Cargo, Singapore Airlines, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda, Komatsu, Seven-Eleven, Sony and many international freight forwarders.
He was retired once, but he has strong desire to accomplish one more project to complete by utilizing his half century supply chain management experience. He has developed demand based supply chain concept which will reduce the inventory level of hospitals at least $10 to 30 million dollars per year and better control of productivity among medical staff. The combination of American trait, which is speed, scale, and mobility and Japanese trait, which is precise, sensitive, and cohesive will create unique service product, which will benefit by American people. He feels this is important mission for him since he come from medical family of 500 years.

He attended Greenville College, Greenville, IL; graduated from Westminster Choir College, Princeton, N.J. He earned MBA from Pepperdine University.

He served as Trustee at Greenville University; received the distinguished alumni award. He served as officer and executive board member of Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. He was Co-Chairman for Chicago Business Opportunity Fair. He was awarded Distinguished Minority Enterprise Award by CMBDC and City of Chicago.

He has been a member of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago, served as Executive
Vice President for many years and currently held position as Advisor.
He was a member of the Westminster Choir; Chicago Symphony Chorus; Founder of Chicago Oratorio Choir.