Through our collaborative business model, project teams will be formed to meet our clients’ specific needs:

International Market Discovery

GCU organizes business missions for targeted markets to discover potential business opportunities for clients and small delegation. One on one business matching services will also be available upon request.

Comprehensive Marketing & Business Development

GCU marketing and Business Development experts will design a marketing strategy for a client based on their business objective for a specific targeted global marketing.

Global Recruiting and Multi-cultural Management and Executive Training

GCU can leverage our global network to recruit managers and executives for targeted global markets. Additionally, multi-cultural management training is available to ensure the managers and executives can operate effectively in the target markets.

Asian American Community Advocacy and Outreach

GCU collaborating partners have unique and knowledgeable on the Asian American business community to support Asian American outreach efforts from corporations, governments and other Non-government entities.

Capital Access & financing including Foreign Direct Investment

GCU offers a wide range of services in access to working capital including strategy development, seeking debt financing, and other investment options. Merger and acquisition experts, commercial bankers are also available to providing consulting services for loan preparation, acquisition, and sales of companies.

Global Charity

GCU offers support for non-profit and non-government organization in developing fund raising and business operations in the USA or in the global markets of our clients.